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so i guess i should update. Dad died on January 9th in Orlando of what we assume was a massive stroke. We don't think he suffered, which is good. We had a funeral down here for mom's side of the family and all of his florida friends, then we flew up to Tennessee with his body and buried him up there with another service for his side of the family and his tennessee friends. We ended up burying him on his 63rd birthday, so that sucked.

We're going to have a wedding reception in June for our families. Paul isn't very happy about it but he's the odd man out. I told him if we go along with it, we can make our families happy and get it over with. It sucks that I won't have had dad at either occasions but it's done, so what can i do. We're also planning a honeymoon around September in Europe so right now we're thinking Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic. We're getting ready by practicing our German. We were originally going to go to Ireland but my sister wants to take a family trip there, so we might end up doing that next year. We'll see.

Let's see, we're planning to go to Megacon again this year and they've got the cast of Boondock Saints that will be there, so I'm excited.

I think everything else is about the same. My cat's still chubby and a biter. Work's still good. Blah blah blah.
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